Leader’s Oration


In face of brutal competitions in the market, Haida people work cohesively, dear to explore new territories, and make audacious innovations, having composed a glorious historic chapter for Haida Group with their wisdom and sweat, enthusiasm and dedication.

As the only large-scale backbone tire manufacturer integrating R & D, production, and operations in Sichuan, we must stand in the forefront of the times, assume the mission of revitalizing the national tire industry, aim at the international first-class technologies and brands, advance with the times, vigorously promote independent innovation, enhance the ability of independent innovation, establish a technology system for independent intellectual property rights, catch up with the world's advanced tire manufacturing technologies, enhance the core competitiveness of the company, and thus build a renowned brand in both China and the world.

According to the system management approach, we will establish and improve the business management system, comprehensively strengthen basic business management, and establish a more scientific, standardized and legalized management system for the company. How time flies! Sichuan Haida Rubber Group Co., Ltd. is already 42 years old. Through the 42 years of hard work, Haida people have harvested hope, and created a warm home; through 42 years of struggling, Haida Group has built up strength and become more mature; 42 years of development has consolidated the confidence of Haida people, who are striding towards the future. We have become a large enterprise group with prominent main businesses, higher level of profitability, strong competitiveness, and a good corporate image, to meet the need of Haida Group’s development. Only by establishing a scientific management system, standardizing the business management processes, and improving the execution of management, the standardization of manufacturing processes, and the details of management, can we ensure the uniformity of product quality and provide customers with quality products and services for customers. We will manage people, cultivate people and shape people through systems, vigorously cultivate the culture of executive power, persistently foster the innovation-oriented corporate culture, and strive to create an efficient, scientific and rational modern enterprise.

Achievements and honors are something in the past. Standing at a new historical starting point and looking to the future, we are faced with more opportunities and challenges. Haida people are meeting the challenges of the market economy with a new attitude, full confidence and high morale. I believe that with the recognition and concern of customers, and the support from e friends and leaders at all levels, we will surely achieve more brilliant achievements, and perform more brilliant chapters on this fertile, scenery and pristine land!