Sichuan Hoi Wang Rubber Products Co., Ltd.

  I. Introduction

  Hoi Wang Sichuan Wuliangye Group Rubber Products Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sichuan Haida Rubber Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Haid Group), a joint venture established with private capital company limited by shares, is the Home key support levels of government welfare business. Founded in October 2005, the registered capital of 2.2 million yuan, the existing staff of 100 people, the annual sales income of more than fifty million yuan.

  Companies located in Jianyang, Sichuan horse town, adjacent to owned industrial parks, convenient transportation, highway, railway transportation is convenient.

  Tuohai large group company by strong R & D strength, with the domestic advanced tube, cushion belt production and testing equipment, specialized production, processing and marketing "Tianfu", "Hoi Wang" brand series of natural rubber inner tube, bias tire flaps, steel belt and rubber mat joints and other rubber products. Tube size 35 now, more than 20 pads with specifications, with light truck radial tires, mini tire, truck tire, light-load bias tires, OTR tires, agricultural tires, industrial tires and other ancillary uses; company the ISO/TS16949 international quality system certification, the state "3C" compulsory product safety certification. Our products and Sichuan tire rubber (Group) Co., Ltd., four Chuankai Li Wei Technology Co., Ltd. and other tire manufacturers shaped in a stable relationship, while a large number are sold to all provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and exported to the U.S. with matching tires, Southeast Asia and the Middle East and other countries and regions.

  Companies adhere to the quality and efficiency of the road, constantly enrich the product, improve product quality, to the "twelfth five-year" at the end, and strive to achieve sales revenue of 80 million yuan, becoming the central and western regions the largest tube, cushion belt manufacturers.

  Company philosophy: self-transcendence, and all for the better.

  Company goals: professionalism and efficiency, refinement and innovation. The pursuit of perfection, customer satisfaction.

  Code of Conduct: love, responsibility, passion

  Staff Code: solidarity, disciplined, dedication, dedication, standardize operations, and excellence.

  Company Address: Sichuan Jianyang Yang Ma Zhenchuan Oak Road

  Tel :028 -27,729,199 -27,729,202 Fax :028


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