Tire Co., Ltd. Sichuan Gui Tianwei



  I. Introduction

  Gui Tianwei Sichuan Tire Co. (hereinafter referred to as Tianwei) in February 2004, the Ziyang City Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau (owned Foreign Trade [2004] No.) document approved the establishment, by the Sichuan Haida Rubber Group Co., Ltd. , Guilin rubber Machinery Factory, USA Oufu Man tire retreading company jointly funded the establishment of joint ventures. Tianwei company is the only joint venture in Sichuan cold retreading production enterprises, registered capital of three million yuan; company's business scope: production and sale of various types of radial retreaded tires, bias tires retreaded tires, OTR tire retreaded tires, power cars tire tire, rubber powder, rubber products.

  Companies can 6.50-12.00 series of bias tires, all steel radial tires for effective renovation, which uses the international advanced level of pre-vulcanized turned cold equipment, the production process is reasonable, the designed annual production capacity of 35,000 retread, precured tread 50000. The United States Oufu Man tire retreading company's advanced technology, product quality has reached the international advanced level.

  Tianwei company from its inception in 2004, while factory production side, in 2008 invested 655,000 yuan tread new production lines revolutionized the tire personally purchased the passive situation, in 2010 the increased productivity, inventory levels growing, Tianwei company invested 84,000 yuan amplification venues, through nearly 10 years of efforts, the company output value of 5.29 million yuan.

  Tianwei company is located in Sichuan Jianyang horse town, 11 km from the city, 56 km from the provincial capital of Chengdu, Chengdu-Chongqing Expressway, Shing Yu highway, then owned eyebrow highway, Chengdu-Chongqing high-speed railway, Chengdu-Chongqing railway Tuo transcontinental mainline and intersection, waterways, road and rail transportation is very convenient.

  Company Address: Sichuan Jianyang Yang Mazhen Chuan Road 568, Oak

  Tel: (028) 27728999 Fax: (028) 27729246

  Zip Code: 641402

  Second, the main products and pictures

  The company mainly produces series Tiangui brand 6.50-12.00 kinds of bias, all-steel radial tire retreading and a variety of tread rubber.