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Haida people believe that earnest action changes life, and innovation changes the future. Haida Group keeps pace with the market economy and customer demands; it vigorously promotes independent innovation, enhance the technical content; sticks to honest operations, pays close attention to lean production, provides customers with high quality products, upholds the principle that both customer interests and corporate interests are superior to all, provides customers with high quality satisfactory service, and build a renowned brand in both China and the world.

Core values: customers above all, pursuit of excellence, people orientation, long-term benefits

Corporate spirit: vow loyalty to Haida and never give up

Corporate philosophy: market is the root; development is the framework, and innovation is the soul

Development strategy: develop the industry chain of tires, enhance the core competitiveness and create century-old Haida

Corporate objective: allow employees, shareholders, and the society to share the development and innovation fruits of Haida Group, achieve common prosperity and build a harmonious and happy Haida.

Quality policy: implement the branding strategy, make continuous improvement and innovation, and provide customers with quality products and services

Safety policy: safety is of top priority; prevention is primary step; zero tolerance

Code of conduct: be a high-quality person and make high-quality tires

Outlook on life: earnest action changes life, and innovation changes the future; be filial to parents and loyal to the company; be happy both at work and in life

Environmental, occupational health and safety guidelines:

Care for the health of staff, protect the environment

Abide by laws and regulations, save energies and reduce consumption

Impede accidents and make continuous improvement

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Haida group adheres to the core values of "customer first, pursuit of excellence, people-oriented and long-term interests", establishes the enterprise concept of "market is the foundation, development is the key, innovation is the soul" and the enterprise spirit of "loyalty to Haida, never say die", and the development strategy of "developing tire industry chain, improving core competitiveness and building Haida century industry".

Address: Jianyang, Sichuan, China



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