How to store tires

When newly produced tires need to be stored and deposited, the way they are stored is even more important. Improper tire storage may aggravate tire aging, resulting in

Tire deformation, or also affect the service life of the tire. Below, we will share some tire storage details that are usually easy to be ignored by everyone.

1, the tire should be stored in a dry warehouse, avoid direct sunlight, should not be too ventilated, warehouse temperature range -10 degrees to +30 degrees, relative humidity 50-80% is appropriate. The storeroom should not be close to power generation equipment or other ozone generating sites to prevent accelerated oxidation.

2, the storage place of tires in the warehouse should be one meter away from the heat source equipment, and can not be put together with oils, inflammables, alkali and other chemicals.

3, the outer tire or complete package of tires should be placed vertically on the shelf, regularly change its fulcrum, less than once every three months, more better.

4. When the outer tire is stored with the inner tube, it must be slightly inflated and coated with talc on the surface of the inner tube.

5, if the inner tube needs to be stored separately, it should be hung on the semi-circular rack in the inflatable state, and often rotate the fulcrum to prevent deformation or crepe.

6. In custody, tires should be stored in batches according to production or storage time, first-in-first-out, and used in sequence.

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