The role of tires

A car is composed of tens of thousands of parts, and each part generally can only play a role. The tire is also one of the parts of the car, but it plays a different role from other parts. It has to play the following four roles in the driving of the car.

● Load bearing

Whether a car is its own weight, or passengers or loads, its weight must be transmitted to the tires through the body, and finally the tires shoulder all the burden. Therefore, the tires play a very important role in carrying.

● Generate driving force and braking force

Because the tire is the only part of the car that is in contact with the road, whether it is the starting, driving, braking, or parking of the car, it must "communicate" with the road through the tire, and complete the wishes of the car or the car driver through the tire.

● Cushioning and shock absorption

Unpaved roads are mostly uneven gravel roads. There will be a lot of gravel or pits and bags on the road. Even on paved roads, there are often some obstacles that affect the normal driving of cars. In this case, the tire will exert its excellent cushioning and shock absorption functions, so that the car can move forward in a more comfortable situation. This is because the tire itself is made of about 50% elastic rubber, coupled with the excellent shock absorption function of the air in the tire, so the car can easily move forward on harsh roads.

● Change the driving direction of the car

Whether the car turns or turns around, it needs to be done by the car's tires. It often changes the direction of the car according to the driver's wishes.

It is precisely because the tire has the above four functions that the car can drive safely, freely, quickly and comfortably on uneven roads; and because it has the above four functions, the tire is in the entire car parts It is very important.

In fact, we can completely summarize the role and importance of tires in one sentence: when a person sits in a car, then the person is actually completely handed over to the car, and the car is actually all handed over when it is driving. Four tires. Once the tire problems, whether the vehicle or the people on the car, will be a great danger. Therefore, every driver should be very concerned about their tires.

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