Consolidating the Party's Incentive Responsibility and Promoting Development-A Sidelights on the Series of Activities of Haida Group to Celebrate the 99th Anniversary of the Party's Founding

In order to celebrate the 99th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the Party Committee of Haida Group organized a series of activities as planned to further consolidate the foundation of party building, implement the party's main responsibilities, and effectively strengthen the party's political construction, organizational construction, and cadre and talent team construction. Advantages, organizational advantages, and mass advantages are transformed into enterprise innovation advantages, development advantages and competitive advantages, and the endogenous driving force for high-quality development is continuously condensed.

Supervise Evaluation and Promote Party Building

In mid-June, the company's party committee organized a cross-check on the work of the party branch. The Party and Mass Work Department took the lead, and the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Department and each party branch formed an inspection team to go deep into each party branch and production site, and compared the party building evaluation rules to conduct cross-supervision and inspection of the party building work of each branch and the construction of party style and clean government. Focus on the implementation of the party building responsibility system, publicity and education and ideological and cultural work, team building, key work, public security and other five aspects of a comprehensive inspection, in-depth understanding of the actual situation of the party building work of each party branch, and timely discovery of practical problems in the work, Put forward practical guiding measures, and collect grassroots opinions and suggestions.

夯实党建  激励担当  推动发展 ——海大集团庆祝建党99周年系列活动侧记

Supervision shows that each branch can persist in studying and implementing Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics throughout the whole process of organizational life, such as "three meetings and one lesson" and theme party day, reflecting the seriousness and effectiveness of organizational life. Insist on integrating party building into five key tasks ("5S management", "epidemic prevention and control work", "safe team building", "quality trustworthy team building" and "cost standard team building"), give full play to the role of the branch fighting fortress; some branches innovate their work ideas, pay attention to the role of the party group in managing the head, and promote the party branch to perform the "3 4" function (directly educate, manage, supervise party members, unite, organize, publicize, and serve the masses Important responsibilities); Party members and leading cadres actively participate in the organization activities of their branches, play an exemplary role, and help analyze problems, solve problems and problems; party members play a vanguard role with good results, finding a position, taking responsibility and making contributions in the overall situation of work; taking the lead in playing a vanguard and exemplary role in production, work, study and life; in urgent and dangerous tasks, especially in the prevention and control of the new coronavirus infection pneumonia epidemic, they are not afraid of risks, courageously take the lead, selfless dedication, and play a benchmarking role; in the company's "quality improvement, cost reduction, efficiency.

All along, the party committee of Haida Group has persisted in doing a good job in basic work, implementing basic systems, improving basic capabilities, constantly consolidating the foundation of party building, and solidly promoting the standardization and standardization of party branches. to ensure that each branch can effectively carry out its work and play a role. At present, 80% of the party branches have met the requirements of standardized and standardized construction, effectively promoted the deep integration of party building and production and operation, realized the same direction of party building and reform and development, and led the high-quality sustainable and healthy development of enterprises with high-quality party building. It provides a strong guarantee for Haida Group to "create a first-class brand and build a century-old Haida. In the later stage, the company's party committee will sum up experience, grasp the rules, continuously innovate working methods, optimize work processes, continue to consolidate the results of the branches that have reached the standards, and supervise and improve the quality of party building work; for the branches that have not met the standards, accurately guide, supervise and improve, and make up For shortcomings, a normalized and long-term working mechanism is formed.

Inner-Party Care to Send Warmth

夯实党建  激励担当  推动发展 ——海大集团庆祝建党99周年系列活动侧记

On the eve of July 1, the party committee of the company organized and carried out inner-party care and warmth and clean home visits, sending care and condolences to 12 veteran party members with a party age of 60 years or more and 16 party members suffering from serious and special diseases, and carried out clean home visits. Fan Jianqiang, deputy secretary of the party committee, secretary of the discipline inspection commission and chairman of the trade union, on behalf of the company's party committee, walked into the homes of old party members and party members suffering from severe and special diseases, talked cordially with them, asked about their physical condition and living conditions, sent them the care of the party organization and holiday greetings, and wished the old party members a healthy, long and happy life. Ask the old comrades to supervise and remind their children, honest practice, honesty and self-discipline.

Praise the advanced strong vitality

夯实党建  激励担当  推动发展 ——海大集团庆祝建党99周年系列活动侧记

At 10:00 a.m. on July 1, the Party committee of Haidong group held a meeting to celebrate the 99th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and the "July 1" commendation meeting. It praised 5 advanced Party branches, 10 outstanding party workers and 85 outstanding Party members, and encouraged all Party members to forge ahead bravely, take the initiative and overcome difficulties. At the conference, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Haidong Group gave a lively special party lesson to Chundong, emphasizing in depth that managers and Party members at all levels should not forget their initial heart, keep their mission in mind, and perform their duties. They should closely focus on the company's annual production and operation theme of "ingenuity and quality, break through the market and focus on benefits", keep a close eye on the goals, compact responsibilities, carry out various tasks in a pragmatic and lead all employees to complete.

夯实党建  激励担当  推动发展 ——海大集团庆祝建党99周年系列活动侧记

In the following sequence, the party Committee of the company organized all branches and party members to participate in the online theme activities of Chengdu pioneer welcoming "July 1"-"reform and innovation, striving for the first place", including interesting activities such as online knowledge charging station, question answering challenge, etc., to encourage all party members to deeply study the relevant knowledge of party history and national history, "two sessions" topics, economic development, advanced models, etc., to temper party spirit cultivation, fulfill mission and strive to be qualified party members in the new era, the 99th anniversary of the founding of the party!