Sichuan Tire and Rubber (Group) Co., Ltd. Annual Output of 7 million High Performance Green Environmental Protection Passenger Semi-steel Radial Tire Technical Transformation Project

Sichuan Tire and Rubber (Group) Co., Ltd. is located in the starting area of Chengdu Ziyang Industrial Development Zone. The company's "Technical Transformation Project of Annual Production of 7 million High-performance Green Environmental Protection Semi-steel Radial Tire" obtained the EIA approval on March 26, 2014 (Chuanhuan Approval [2014] No. 127), and the project started construction in April 2014. After self-examination, it is found that there are certain changes in the construction of some production equipment, public and auxiliary facilities and environmental protection facilities in the project. In order to assess the impact on the regional environment after the change of the project construction content, according to relevant regulations, our company entrusts Sichuan Huanke Yuan Technology Co., Ltd. to carry out the environmental impact analysis of the non-major changes of the project, and the report has been prepared.

According to the relevant requirements of Chengdu Ecological Environment Bureau's Notice on Strengthening the Connection between Environmental Impact Assessment and Pollution Discharge Permit Management of Changed Projects, the full version of our company's "Analysis Report on Environmental Impact of Non-major Changes in Technical Transformation Project of 7 million High-performance Green Environmental Protection Passenger Radial Tire with Annual Output" and the consultation and argumentation opinions are hereby publicized.


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July 25, 2022