Chengdu Federation of Trade Unions "Sending Cool" Activities Entering Haida Group


On the afternoon of July 17, Huang Longrong, member of the party group and vice chairman of the Chengdu Federation of Trade unions, accompanied by the vice chairman of the party affairs of the Chengdu Finance, Trade, Light, chemical and Textile Union and the executive vice chairman of the Jianyang City Federation of Trade unions, walked into Haida Group under the scorching sun. with the concern of the Chengdu municipal party committee, municipal government and the Federation of Trade unions, the enterprise carried out the "cool" activity, "and sent condolences" and comfort and comfort and comfort and comfort and comfort and comfort and comfort and comfort and comfort. Haida group party secretary, chairman of the board to Chundong accompanied condolences.


The sympathy group and his party came to the production workshop and highly praised the staff of Haida group for their spirit of sticking to their posts, working diligently and orderly in the high temperature. They fully affirmed the goal of "more than half of the time and more than half of the task. Vice Chairman Huang Longrong personally delivered cool drinks, chrysanthemums and other consolation products to the front-line workers, and urged them to pay attention to heatstroke prevention and safety, take good care of their bodies, work happily, and live a happy life while sticking to their posts in the high temperature and heat. better state and fuller spirit into the construction and development of the enterprise, and into the high-level construction process of the eastern new area of Chengdu.


Vice Chairman Huang Longrong encouraged Haida Group to give full play to its geographical advantages in the eastern new area, seize the major development opportunities in the construction of the twin-city economic circle in the Chengdu-Chongqing region, open new situations in the changing situation, find new opportunities in the crisis, and contribute to the high-level construction of the eastern new area of Chengdu. On the upcoming "Love in Chengdu" collective wedding event to be launched by the Chengdu Federation of Trade Unions, Vice Chairman Huang Longrong gave a detailed lecture, encouraging qualified Haicheng employees to sign up to participate, share the dividends of urban development, and be the singer of Chengdu's "Tells of Two Cities.