Rushing "After Waves-Haida Group's 2023 Quality Development Training Successfully Completed


Recently, Haida Group organized and carried out the first phase of quality development training activities for reserve talents in 2023.

The theme of this event is "Learning from the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and always follow the party on a new journey". Through a two-day experiential quality development training, the team cohesion, combat effectiveness and creativity have been further enhanced, and the Haidan people have been inspired to "resonate at the same frequency." Efficient coordination ", with the persistent spirit of" heart, responsibility, cooperation, gratitude, contentment, and struggle "played the strongest voice of Haiden.

Extreme challenges-turning tires, walking strength, extremely fast roller coaster, blind phalanx, red and black business war, race against time, Eagle King rebirth and other extremely challenging series of team activities, let everyone gain a lot, and said one after another: draw inferences from one another, reflect deeply, reflect on the weaknesses exposed in the training into future study, work and life, and uphold the resolute character of "do not abandon, do not give up, practice the code of conduct of" high-quality life, high-quality tires ", inherit the enterprise spirit of" loyalty to the sea, never give up ", hand in hand, heart to heart, adhere to integrity, adhere to tolerance, sincere unity, efficient coordination, down-to-earth, forge ahead, self-innovation, continuous improvement, strive to be the strongest" back wave "of" loyalty, clean responsibility, brave and passionate cooperation ", and build the brilliant foundation of the sea.

Please follow the author's lens to witness the wonderful moments of the activity and explore the "growth and transformation" of the "back waves".


Leadership flag

Extreme challenge-turning over tires. For each team, 12 back-and-forth relays turn over engineering tires weighing about 400kg, and the winning team takes the least time, fully testing the speed of each team and the willpower to overcome and challenge the limit.

The power of walking. 10 kilometers of walking and "nine full" leggings and other activities, test the team's "do not give up, do not abandon" spirit of unity and mutual assistance.

Speed roller coaster. The six teams work together to give full play to their collective wisdom, fantastic ideas, fast building, super fit, and cross the limit to jointly build a solid "sea foundation" project.

Red and black business war. The two-hour "fishing" business war made everyone understand that "systematic thinking and overall concept" are very important to the high-quality and sustainable development of enterprises. The optimal department ≠ the overall optimal. Only under the premise of ensuring the overall interests, the interests of departments and individuals can be guaranteed. At the same time, in the process of enterprise operation, all lines, departments, links and posts need to adhere to honesty and trustworthiness, and need to cooperate with each other, when there is a deviation, we need to face up to the problem and correct it in time, so as to achieve win-win cooperation and create brilliant future together!

Blind phalanx. The tortuous process of completing the task makes everyone understand the importance of effective team communication. Under special circumstances, it is necessary to think carefully about how to successfully complete the task. Thinking determines the way out. When the team faces difficulties and contradictions, it is necessary for the commander to change from passive waiting to active attack, adhere to systematic thinking and goal orientation, make overall planning with correct thinking, raise the flag for orientation, find key points and breakthrough points, and pass them on layer by layer. The team needs to unswervingly implement them in place, finally overcome difficulties and achieve goals efficiently.

Race against the clock. Seemingly simple tasks require team planning, finding scientific methods, establishing standards, and implementing them to the letter. The three rounds of competition let everyone understand that the same rules and competition on the same stage rely on the leader's rapid adjustment, self-innovation and overall control of team members according to different situations.

Eagle King reborn. The 90-minute willpower challenge requires overcoming physical discomfort and adjusting psychological imbalance. It is not easy! For the goal of the team, for the responsibility and commitment, and for the bright future of the sea, all the team members went all out, encouraged each other, defeated themselves with the strongest willpower, broke through the sky like an eagle, broke through the cocoon into a butterfly, transformed and reborn, and everyone became their own hero and became the strongest "back wave" of the sea ".


Glory moment

There is light in the eyes, there is hope in the heart!

Let's rush, the "back waves" of the sea!
Come on, diligent and persistent Lord Hai!