The first graduation ceremony and the second opening ceremony of the management class of Haidan professional and technical school were held ceremoniously


Title: Haigu Group Professional and Technical School was established in September 2009. General Manager and Party Secretary Yang Qi served as the principal. The teaching team is composed of the group company's management personnel who have certain experience, unique insights and certain authority in enterprise management and professional technology. At present, the school has set up two levels of training and education: new job training courses and management training courses. The first phase of the management training course started in November 2009. After nearly a year of study, 23 management backbones from various fronts and different positions passed strict response, learning and effect evaluation and evaluation, 14 students obtained graduation qualifications, Another 9 students entered the second phase of the management class to continue their studies.

At 8:30 on August 20, 2010, the graduation ceremony of the first phase and the opening ceremony of the second phase of the management class of haida group professional and technical school were held ceremoniously in the conference room on the third floor. All the leaders of the company, all the teachers of the school, all the students of the second phase of the management class 1., and the main persons in charge of each business department and branch factory attended the ceremony and took a group photo.

At the ceremony, Yang Qi, the principal of Haida Group Professional and Technical School and general manager of Haida Group, personally issued "Graduation Certificates" to 14 students who were approved to graduate from the first phase of the management class. Representatives of graduates, representatives of new students in the second phase, representatives of teachers and school leaders respectively made enthusiastic speeches at the meeting, talking freely about their learning and teaching experience in the past year, summing up experiences and lessons, sharing learning experiences and insights, and conveying the concept and attitude of continuous learning and strengthening learning. President Yang Qi also put forward new goals and requirements to all teachers, students and managers in the three aspects of "belief, method and unity. He emphasized that learning is endless. All middle-level cadres must enter the management class in stages and batches to obtain graduation qualifications. We must establish a lifelong learning attitude, and accelerate personal growth through continuous improvement and improvement of concepts and methods. Adapt to enterprise development. The school should also constantly sum up the experience of running a school, improve teaching methods and methods, scientifically train and cultivate talents, so as to meet the requirements of the development strategy and human resource management of Haida Group, and promote the common progress of enterprises and employees.

It is reported that the second phase of the management class will officially start on September 1, 2010, with a total of 29 students (including 9 students who continue to study in the first phase of the management class). It is planned to take one year to systematically carry out courses such as enterprise development strategy and development, product technology and quality management, management innovation and incentive mechanism, enterprise comprehensive management and production safety.