Provincial Occupational Health Joint Inspection Team Inspects Haida Group

On August 5, Huang Xinsheng, Director of the Law Enforcement Supervision Division of the Provincial Department of Health, Sun Xiaohua, Director of the Coordination Division of the Provincial Work Safety Supervision Bureau, Zhou Xiang, Director of the Labor Protection Department of the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions, Xue Mei, Director of the Provincial Health Law Enforcement Supervision Corps, and Yu Mingyuan, Director of the Law Enforcement Supervision Division of the Provincial Department of Health, accompanied by personnel from the Ziyang City Work Safety Supervision Bureau, Health Bureau, Municipal Trade Union, A special inspection was carried out on the Haita Group.

At 9:40 a.m., the inspection team went to the production sites such as the preparation workshop of radial tire No.2 branch factory, the batching room of No.2 workshop of rubber refining division, the main and auxiliary machines of dense refining, carbon black transportation, on-line inspection of quality management department, X-ray inspection, etc. to carry out supervision and inspection, and inquired about the physical examination of employees, signing of labor contracts, distribution and use of labor protection articles.

At 10:30, in the second conference room of Haida Group, the provincial occupational health and health joint inspection team listened to the report of Haida Group's Safety and Environmental Protection Department on safety management, occupational hazard management and declaration. He listened to the systematic report of Chairman Fan Jun and Chief Assistant Fan Jianqiang on the special work carried out by Haida Group employees in occupational health, safety and environmental protection.

After inspection and listening to detailed reports, the joint inspection team affirmed the work done by Haida Group in occupational health and health, and believed that the occupational health management of Haida Group has been highly valued by the leaders, with complete information and standardized on-site management. At the same time, it points out the existing problems, and requires Haida Group to persist in occupational health management for a long time, and earnestly regard occupational health as a major event to protect the rights and interests of employees, protect the interests of enterprises, and maintain social harmony. In the future work, make persistent efforts to push occupational health management to a new level.