Secretary Guo YunFang and his party inspected Kaili Wei construction site

On the morning of June 24, Guo Yunfang, secretary of the party group and deputy director of the standing Committee of the Ziyang Municipal people's Congress, and his entourage inspected the construction site of Sichuan Kailiwei Technology Co., Ltd. and held an on-site office meeting, accompanied by Duan Chengwu, deputy secretary of the Jianyang Municipal CPC Committee and mayor. Secretary Guo and his entourage visited the rubber refining building and molding workshop under construction, and listened carefully to the detailed report on the progress of the project by Yang Qi, Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of Haida Group.

Secretary Guo pointed out that the construction of Kailiwei All-Steel Radial Tire Project has a high starting point, first-class technology and equipment, and great market potential. The project construction meets the national environmental protection requirements and the requirements of circular economy construction. It is the largest industrial development in Ziyang City. The project has an important supporting role in the construction of the western car city. To this end, the municipal party committee and municipal government of Ziyang City and Jianyang City attach great importance to it, especially the Jianyang Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government have given key support in the coordination of policies and specific issues, and the current project construction progress is satisfactory. Secretary Guo also emphasized that for such a good project, we must do everything possible to speed up the construction. The best benefit is to shorten the construction period, occupy the commanding heights of the market, form a scale effect, strengthen the sense of leadership, and strive for a model for rise, and at the same time coordinate related supporting projects., To lay a good foundation for the smooth start of the third phase of the 2. project. The municipal party committees and municipal governments of Ziyang City and Jianyang City will also vigorously support the construction of the all-steel radial truck tire project of Sichuan Kailiwei Technology Co., Ltd., and solve and coordinate various difficulties in the construction to ensure that the project is completed and reached production. Finally, Secretary Guo spoke highly of General Manager Yang Qi's achievements in enterprise development by taking various measures to overcome numerous difficulties under the extremely severe international and domestic economic situation.