Love is delivered in May.


On May 4, a youthful day, the Youth League Committee of Haida Group organized a group of more than 40 people, including outstanding league members and young post experts in 2009. With the care and concern of Haida employees, they came to the first hope primary school donated by Haida Group-Tishhui Town Haida Hope Primary School to spend the May Fourth Youth Day with teachers and students. Zhu Duanyou, senior consultant of Haidan Group, and Lin Zhongquan, assistant general manager, attended the event and delivered speeches.

The arrival of the Youth League members of Haidong Group has added some vitality to the remote Haidong Hope Primary School in Tashui Town. From the innocent smiling faces of the children, we feel that the joy is so simple. From the welcoming atmosphere carefully prepared by teachers and students, we touched our hearts and received a gratitude education. When the children took over the new schoolbags, we were deeply moved by the joy.......

The next theatrical performance made the Haida Hope Primary School in Tashui Town continue to laugh and laugh, and even nearby villagers flocked to the school to gather together the excitement. The performances of Haida Group members and young people are full of vigor and vitality, which makes the teachers and students of Hope Primary School smile again and again. Whether it is songs, dances, sketches and poetry recitations, it embodies Haida Group's cultural concept of "high-quality life and high-quality tires. The cheerful "NO Body" dance music of the Youth League Branch of Meridian Tyre No.1 Branch opened the prelude to the performance of the art program. The beautiful dance of the children in the hope primary school lit up the dawn of hope. The affectionate poem recitation "Together" of the Power Youth League Branch and the popular sketch performance of "Good People, Bad People" of the Kone Youth League Branch showed the broad mind of Haida's heart, which is Yushu, love for the disaster area and boundless, the brisk guitar playing and singing of the equipment League branch sang the melody of youth, and the passionate recitation of the "Torch of Youth" of the All-Steel League branch ignited the passion of the youth of Haida employees, and all the members and young people revisited the oath of joining the league under the sacred flag. Singing the "Communist Youth League Song" together pushed the activity to a climax. Finally, the children of Hope Primary School used a sign language song "Grateful Heart" to express their gratitude for the selfless assistance of Haida Group.

At that time, laughter reverberated in the hope primary school of tingshui town sea university. Love, spread in the red may, transmission.......