How to store tires

When newly produced tires need to be stored and deposited, the way they are stored is even more important. Improper tire storage may aggravate tire aging, resulting in


The role of tires

A car is composed of tens of thousands of parts, and each part generally can only play a role. The tire is also one of the parts of the car, but it plays a different role from other parts. It has to play the following four roles in the driving of the car.


Driving skills on slippery road

Regularly check the tires: Always check the condition of the tires before going on the road. Be sure to perform the following routine maintenance operations: that is, keep the tires at the proper air pressure. The vehicle manufacturer specifies the correct level of air pressure for the tires, which can be found at the door edge, door pillar, glove box or fuel tank opening. This pressure value is also listed in the instruction manual. The number listed on the side of the tire is not the recommended tire pressure-it is the maximum pressure allowed by the tire. You should check the tire pressure at least once a month. In addition, the depth of the tread pattern should be checked. Proper tread depth can help prevent skidding and tire blowout.


Classification of tires

1. According to the purpose of the tire, for example, in my country's national tire standards, the American tire rim manual, the European tire rim standards, the Japanese tire standards and the international tire standards are classified by purpose, which can be divided into the following types:


Tire maintenance safety knowledge

1. Tire pressure. The inflation pressure of tires must be inflated according to the national standards for different types and specifications of tires.


Composition of tires

1. Tire with inner tube. Tire with inner tube is composed of outer tube, inner tube and cushion belt. The outer tire is an elastic tape bag, which can protect the inner tube from mechanical damage, keep the inflatable inner tube to the specified size, withstand the traction and braking force of the car, and ensure the grip of the tire and the road. The inner tube is a ring-shaped rubber cylinder, placed in the outer tire, which is filled with compressed air. There is a cushion belt between the inner tube and the rim (the tire used on the deep rim does not use the cushion belt). The cushion belt is an annular tape with a certain cross-sectional shape to protect the inner tube from wear. The main disadvantage of inner tube tires is that the driving temperature is high and it is not suitable for high-speed driving,


The history of tire development

1. Early tires: Long ago, tires were made of wood, iron and other materials. The first hollow wheel was invented by the British Robert Thomson in 1845. He proposed to use compressed air to fill the elastic bladder to ease the movement. Vibration and shock. Although the tires at that time were made of leather and rubberized canvas, these tires already showed the advantage of low rolling resistance.

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