Strictly guard against the epidemic and organize the resumption of work and production in an orderly manner-Haida Group's fight against the "epidemic" is in progress.

Xiang Chundong, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Haida Group, went to the production site to inspect and guide the epidemic prevention and resumption of work.

On February 13, 2020, Haida Group passed the Jianyang City Yangma Street Office, the Jianzhou New Town Management Committee, and the Jianyang City Bureau of Science and Technology, and obtained the approval of the Industrial Economic Leading Group to resume work and production. 2Month 16Day, again through the five grain liquid group strict verification was approved to resume production. On February 18, Haida Group officially kicked off the resumption of work and production.

Li Zhenyan, member of the Party Committee and General Manager of Haida Group, went to the front line to inspect and guide the work of epidemic prevention and resumption of work.

During the prevention and control of the epidemic, Haida Group always put employee safety first, actively responded to national epidemic prevention measures, and delayed the resumption of work. The company's party and government work group in line with the speed, strength, effective purpose, focusing on the "three first" and "three focus", hand in hand, work together to fight the "epidemic", with hard work and responsibility for all employees and their families to build a "wall of epidemic prevention", to fight the epidemic, to ensure the safety of the Haiga Group side.

The first time to respond, focus on the implementation of responsibility. Establish a leading group for epidemic prevention and control, formulate detailed "Epidemic Prevention and Control Measures" and "Epidemic Prevention and Control Emergency Plan", and implement detailed responsibilities at all levels. At the same time, sign a letter of responsibility for epidemic prevention and control with each secondary unit (department) to implement the responsibility of the first person in charge of each unit (department).

Preparations for resumption of production by each production unit

The first time to act, focus measures in place. First, strict return to work management regulations. In the early stage, the "resumption of work management plan" is formulated, and the employees who meet the requirements of resumption of work are organized to carry out health check-ups according to the system. At the same time, establish a grid management mechanism based on departments, and report the itinerary and health status daily; Implement one-to-one management for personnel included in the key control scope, clarify point-to-point contacts, conduct publicity and education, telephone reminders, pay close attention, and timely feedback on the dynamic situation; For employees who meet the requirements of returning to work, apply for returning to work cards. Second, the allocation of sufficient epidemic prevention materials, multi-party financing to buy masks, alcohol, disinfectants, thermometers, gloves, protective glasses, etc., to fully meet the prevention and control needs of employees back to work. Third, adhere to the supervision and reporting system. Set up 4 inspection teams to conduct special inspections on the epidemic prevention and control work and the implementation of prevention and control measures in each branch factory, department, and subsidiary company, as well as living quarters and single dormitories, and take "look back" measures such as telephone follow-up and on-site verification. Measures, severely stop behaviors and measures that do not meet the requirements, immediately rectify them, and ensure that the rectification is listed, specific, and actual combat, not missing one item or one person, adhere to the twice-daily inspection and reporting system to prevent and control the epidemic. The fourth is to increase the management of returning employees. United community, street, the single dormitory and living quarters to take a closed management approach, increase management efforts. Five is not loose propaganda and guidance. Through the voice of haihda wechat public number, broadcast, publicity banner, work group push, electronic display screen, posting publicity announcement posters, electronic posters, electronic proposals, "online and offline" learning and answering competitions, etc., we will vigorously promote epidemic prevention and control publicity, gather positive energy against "epidemic", promote all staff to master scientific prevention and control knowledge, and enhance all staff's awareness of epidemic prevention.

Body temperature check in strict accordance with the system

The first time to prepare, focus"Both hands are not wrong". From 2Beginning at the beginning of the month, in strict accordance with the requirements of the higher government, combined with the actual preparation of the resumption of work and production epidemic prevention and control program. At the same time, take the initiative to connect with relevant government departments, strictly in accordance with the requirements, in accordance with the law to implement epidemic prevention and control management.On February 7,The Haida Group has gradually started to resume work,All middle-level and above cadres to the post.February 10From now on, the management backbone of each functional department and each branch factory will work on duty, and some management backbone will work at home.

The first day of formal resumption of work, February 18 at 9 a.m.At that time, the Party Committee of Haida Group organized a special meeting on epidemic prevention and control and safety management in accordance with the deployment requirements of "two hands and two no mistakes" for the prevention and control of the epidemic situation and the resumption of production. All senior executives of the company, party branch secretaries, the first person in charge of each functional department, middle-level cadres of each branch factory and middle-level cadres of each auxiliary subsidiary totaled 70More people attended the meeting. The meeting on the "strict prevention of the epidemic, orderly resumption of work and production" re-emphasized and arranged arrangements, and organized the signing of the "epidemic prevention and control responsibility" and "safety and environmental protection responsibility". The Secretary of the Party committee, the chairman of the board of directors and the leader of the epidemic prevention and control leading group stressed to Chundong that after the resumption of work, we should continue to do a good job in the "three noes", the prevention and control measures should not be relaxed, the personnel investigation should not be relaxed, and the training and education should not be relaxed. Xiang Chundong asked returning employees to work to hold the "employee return to work card" and strictly abide by the "company-home" 2.1 line "regulations, fill in the" employee after work track situation table "every day, and effectively ensure the health and safety of returning employees. Managers at all levels should tighten the two strings of" epidemic prevention and safety ", fulfill the" one post and two responsibilities ", keep an eye on the target, go all out to overcome the difficulties, and ensure that the epidemic prevention and control is safe, production and operation proceeded smoothly.

Each supervision team shall go to the site for supervision and inspection.

In the face of the epidemic, there is no room for slackness!In order to fight the "epidemic" and to successfully complete the target tasks, the sea people are acting in unison.I believe that everyone is united, and Haiga Group will surely win this hard battle and hand in a qualified answer to employees, customers, shareholders, and the society!