Haida Group Launching Rich and Colorful "May 4th" Commemorative Activities

On the sunny May 4th, the youth members of Haida Group ushered in the 68th "May 4th" Youth Day.


On this special day, the Youth League Committee of Haida Group organized a variety of commemorative activities. "Don't forget the original intention and follow the party" youth signature climbing activity, let the youth members relive the clank oath under the league flag that year, and the team climbing activity made the youth members feel the team cohesion of "don't abandon, don't give up"; The "post station preaching book" of interesting activities makes the youth members realize the true meaning of life in the experience, and the joy of harvest is ineffable; "Carry forward the spirit of the May 4th Movement and let youth bloom in the sea" -- the proposal to all the Youth League members of Haida group pushed the commemorative activities of the May 4th movement to a climax. The Youth League members had a positive discussion on "advanced benchmarking, dedicated posts, how to do the Youth League" and their own reality. They talked freely about "what should I do" in the process of Haida's reform and development, and spoke actively and discussed deeply, at the scene, I saw the sparks of thought in burst, and the light of wisdom was flashing, showing the youthful vitality of the youth of the Haida League members. The leaders of the rubber refining branch, the first branch of the radial tire, and the second branch of the radial tire also exchanged views with the youth members on the topic of party building and team building, and discussed how to better care for and care for young employees. The atmosphere was lively, with constant laughter and applause.



Fan Jianqiang, deputy secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the trade union of Haiga group, and Fan Jun, senior consultant, attended the "May 4th" commemorative activities. Fan Gaogu pointed out in the interaction with the Youth League members that young employees must strengthen their ideals and beliefs, settle down, do a good job in their own post work, strive to improve their comprehensive quality, and gather energy for the future development of the company! Secretary Fan Jianqiang made an important speech at the commemorative activities on behalf of the Party Committee and Administration of Haida Group. He earnestly hopes that young people will seriously study and understand the spirit of the May 4th Movement, strengthen their ideals and beliefs, establish a sense of the overall situation and the sense of the protagonist, and fully combine their own goals with the company's goals, and that the development of the company should rely on young employees to achieve it. I hope that young employees will shoulder this mission, do things in a down-to-earth manner, strengthen study and practice, and deeply understand the Haiga spirit of "loyalty" never give up, quickly become a talent and make greater contributions to the development of Haidai Group!