Haida Group obtained foreign authorized patent for the first time

Haida Group has successfully obtained two EU patent designs. The names of the two patents are "Tire (HD637)" and "Tire (HD837B)". The registration time is April 26, 2017. Currently, it has obtained a patent certificate. The patent will take effect in all EU member states and will be valid for 5 years. It can be renewed 4 times after 5 years, so the longest protection period is 25 years.

When applying for foreign patents, the company fully considered the three important factors of the nature of the technical solution, the region in which the competitors are located, and the market in which the products are sold, and finally successfully obtained the patent certificate of the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). This will have far-reaching significance for the company's future development. The first is that these two semi-steel tires will obtain intellectual property technology protection in EU countries, providing a strong escort for tire sales; the second is the acquisition of EU appearance patents, which increases the company's intangible assets, improves brand awareness, and has deep value; The third is to improve the core competitiveness of enterprises, and at the same time enjoy national favorable policies, giving priority to government bidding project qualifications, simultaneously enhance the competitiveness of the declaration of science and technology policy projects.

"Tire (HD637)" and "Tire (HD837B)" have not only applied for EU appearance patents, but also applied for US appearance patents. The application of foreign patents will provide strong support for the expansion of Haigu Group's export market.