Standardized Operation and Healthy Development-Haida Group's Two Main Business Companies Convene 2016 Annual Shareholders' Meeting

On April 27 and 28, 2017, the two main business companies of Haida Group, namely Sichuan Kailiwei Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Kailiwei Technology) and Sichuan Tire Rubber (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Sichuan Wheel shares) The 2016 annual general meeting of shareholders was held in Chengdu, and the meeting was presided over by Chairman Xiang Chundong. The shareholders, shareholders' representatives, shareholders' authorized agents and non voting personnel of the two main business companies attended the meeting respectively. The convening and holding procedures of the meeting were in accordance with the relevant provisions of the company law and the articles of association.

The shareholders and shareholder representatives attending the meeting respectively affirmed the hard-won performance of the two main business companies in 2016. They agreed that the two main business companies have made breakthroughs and great progress in new product research and development, market expansion, technological transformation and fine management, especially the smooth commissioning of the first phase of the 7 million semi-steel radial tire project of Chuanlun shares, which laid the foundation for the greater development of the enterprise in the future. All shareholders are full of confidence in the future development of the two main business companies, and hope that the two main business companies will continue to introduce and train talents, quickly develop in the direction of intelligence, and be in line with international standards; they must unswervingly follow the path of innovation-driven and quality leadership., Unswervingly take the road of reducing costs and increasing efficiency, seek benefits from management, comprehensively enhance the company's competitiveness, and realize the healthy and stable development of the company.

At the meeting, Chairman Xiang Chundong pointed out: All shareholders have both encouragement and encouragement to the company. The two main companies still have a certain gap compared with advanced companies in technology, sales, production and other aspects. At present, Haidong Group is carrying out a large-scale discussion activity of "benchmarking advanced, starting a second business, recasting brilliance, and how to do it". The company achieved a good start in the first quarter as planned. At the same time, Chairman Xiang Chundong also explained the company's future brand building, product differentiation positioning, and development planning. He said: The two main business companies will definitely focus on "quality to establish a brand." Practice internal strength to increase efficiency, innovation and development to add strength "business and production theme, strengthen marketing innovation, strengthen system construction, strengthen technological progress, and make every effort to tap potential and increase efficiency, efforts will be made to achieve the double objectives and tasks for 2017, ensure the preservation and appreciation of assets, and create greater benefits for shareholders.