Walk the road of brand building bigger and stronger Haid Group -- the Ministry of national brand development experts to Haid Group Visit

Number of visits: Date:2013年6月20日 10:55
In June 7th, the State Ministry of brand cultivation expert, China CEPREI brand cultivation project director Fang Jianchun, national brand development experts Chen Ming, China CEPREI Certification Center Chengdu Office Manager Liu Jia brand cultivation expert group and Sichuan Provincial Foreign Economic for the deputy secretary-general Zhao Zhongli line to Linhai to visit research group. The deputy general manager, group general manager Yu Kailiwei technology platform, sea and deputy general manager of group to the East Spring, deputy secretary of the Party committee, the large group union chairman Fan Jun, Haid Group management department minister Huang Kuan accompanied investigation of economic.

During the investigation, brand cultivation expert a line first to Kailiwei technology has carried on the preliminary communication, brand cultivation expert Chen Ming introduced the brand cultivation significance, methods and steps. Subsequently, the brand cultivation exchange group held in the sea, sea and deputy general manager of group to the East Spring, deputy secretary of the Party committee, the large group union chairman Fan Jun, joint-stock company production director Fan Jianqiang, deputy chief engineer Zhang Junwei, Qing Kan, Li B, Zhang Zhi Tang, economic management Department, financial department, general manager office, Party Work Department, quality management department, company technical department, customer service department, Kailiwei technology quality management department, technology department and other related departments attended the meeting, the concern and exploration company brand development road.

On the meeting, warm welcome deputy general manager Xiang Chundong on behalf of the large group to the visiting experts, the Ministry of industry and information leadership, provincial economic and Information Committee, foreign economic cooperation for many years on the large group brand go to cultivate our heartfelt thanks. To the general to the group of experts to introduce: in recent years, the large group with strong development momentum, the main economic indicators of even a new high, expanding the scale of production, brand of pulling the market obviously. Hope that through the industrial enterprise brand cultivation pilot opportunity, comprehensively improve the brand management system, improve enterprise brand cultivation of ability and the scientific management level, enhance the brand influence and premium, to achieve the quality as the survival of the enterprise, development, comprehensively promote the brand strategy, become the tire business leader. Economic management department do entitled "promote independent innovation brand building, to create the world famous brand" the theme of the report, told delegates focuses on planning and implementing the strategy of overall operation, the large group of brand cultivation management commitment, and we will be in strict accordance with the time schedule to promote brand development work, and strive to become the national brand cultivation demonstration in 2013 unit.

National brand development experts, China CEPREI brand cultivation project director Fang Jianchun to convey the cultivation of 2013 national industrial brand spirit, as the exchange of experiences and the large group. He said: the brand is the responsibility of enterprises, to excavate the brand connotation. "Great oaks from little acorns grow.", only a solid foundation to the brand bigger, stronger. And pointed out: the large group of agricultural vehicle tires start early, in the southwest market share, to create a farm vehicle tire brand, pull the sea to brand building, to construct the countryside surrounding city brand strategy pattern; the establishment of test points, the brand is intuitive, detailed, win support among the people of the display in front of consumers, let a consumer's objective, personal experience to the sea brand charm. The large group must ponder earnestly, combing the brand relationship, focusing on core, concentrate resources to create a core brand, achieve the group brand integration, construction of the world famous brand framework. We must focus on changing the product market concept, will be directly related to consumers and price change is directly related to the consumer and the brand.

Brand communication meeting let Haid Group harvest, the large group the next step will continue to highlight the company's products with the brand, the realization of the construction of the world famous brand target.

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