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In February 28th, Ziyang city in the spring of 2013 major projects (Jianyang branch) concentrated ceremony, in the large group of 7000000 high performance green by use of semi - steel radial tire project site held. Executive vice mayor of Ziyang city Zou Yu, Secretary of the CPC Jianyang Municipal Committee Wang Hongbin, Ziyang City, Jianyang city leaders and relevant departments responsible person, general manager, deputy general manager of the sea, big group company Li Zhenyan, deputy secretary of the Party committee, trade union chairman Fan Jun and other projects on behalf of the owners, construction personnel and the horse town, stone Panzhen related the leadership of a total of more than 450 people attended the ceremony. Jianyang Municipal Standing Committee, executive vice mayor Chen Weidong presided over the ceremony.

Secretary of the CPC Jianyang Municipal Committee Wang Hongbin delivered a speech at the ceremony. Wang Hongbin Secretary stressed: the unit owner and construction project, to insist on safe production, work fast, pay close attention to quality, strive to make each project built first-class engineering, quality engineering, make concerted efforts to promote the project, to accelerate the construction of Tianfu new area, the province's ten strong sprint pace, "five years to double the total, another Ziyang" make contributions to.

Then, general manager, deputy general manager of the sea, big group company Li Zhenyan on behalf of the project investment owners say. General manager Li Zhenyan expressed gratitude to the concern and support the development of the large group of leaders and people from all walks of life, and introduces the large group of 7000000 high performance green environmental protection by using the basic situation of project of steel-belted tire.

General manager Li Zhenyan stressed: the large group horse base 7000000 projects in support of the Ziyang City, Jianyang city municipal Party committee, city hall and various departments, only 20 days to complete the land acquisition demolition work, new measures adopted to build military, by the Ziyang municipal corps of engineering project field, at present, a smooth work has been basically completed. The large group will not live up to two levels of municipal Party committee, city hall and Wuliangye Group expectations, go to all lengths to, grasp the project to promote the work, is expected in July this year, officially started construction, and strive to two years completed and put into production, and make a greater contribution to accelerating the development of Jianyang city.

Finally, Ziyang vice mayor Zou Yu announced that the project started, the car horn chirp, in a loud whistle, the ceremony ended. The focus on the start of the project including the large group of 700 high performance green by technological transformation project, semi - steel radial tire Tianfu District in Sancha Lake Ma'anshan lookout area tourist service facilities construction projects, Jianyang Yingbin Avenue (B) project, Jianyang city public cultural service system construction projects, projects a total of 17, a total investment of 8980000000 yuan.

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