The new target of new development -- Wuliangye Group Tang Bridge Inspection Haid Group

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The new development of new target

The chairman -- Wuliangye Group Tang Bridge Inspection Haid Group

In 2013 01 months 11 days, Wuliangye Group Chairman, party secretary Tang Bridge, Wuliangye Group chief accountant Feng Guangxing, deputy general manager of joint-stock company Tang Bochao, Wuliangye Group Finance Minister Chen Zuorong, Vice Minister of economy Xiong Jie line; in Wuliangye Group Assistant General Manager, chairman of the board, the large group general manager, party secretary Yang Qi. Inspect the large group.

Tang Bridge, a line has inspected the horse by low rolling resistance by 7000000 sets of semi-steel radial tire renovation project construction site and Kailiwei technology commercial all-steel radial tire base steel-belted tire base, high performance. In Kailiwei sea science and technology, deputy general manager, group general manager Yu Kailiwei technology platform, general manager, deputy general manager of the sea, big group company Li Zhenyan, Haid Group Deputy General Manager Xiang Chundong to chairman Tang Bridge a 2012 annual work summary and plan in 2013.

Tang Bridge chairman pointed out: the large group from a bankrupt enterprises, led by Chairman Yang Qi in the leadership team under the leadership, work through all the managers and the efforts of all staff, overcome difficulties, withstood a severe challenge, the development of 10 years of sustained, healthy, rapid, made a positive contribution to Wuliangye group. In 2012 the first breakthrough in sales revenue of 2000000000 yuan, to create the best level in history, in 2013 and the "Twelve • five" development target and strategy is clear, and effective measures, I am very happy, these achievements are condensed Haid Group all the cadres and staff efforts, I represent the Wuliangye Group Board of directors, Party committee and administration to the sea group all the managers and staff to express my heartfelt thanks and sincere greetings, access to the sea group warmly congratulate. The large group should be based on the heavy walk the quality and efficiency of the road of development, further enhance the core competitiveness, further innovation in system and mechanism, the development of the solid foundation, strengthening.

Tang Bridge chairman stressed: new year, the large group to establish new goals, develop new initiatives, new development. One is to seize the key to the development of the market, taking the market as the guidance, driving the scale expansion, consolidate the market, opening up the domestic market and international market replacement, to achieve new breakthroughs; two is the entry point and the breakthrough point to find out the technological innovation and management innovation, the large group to the scene management as the basis, starting from the basic management further carry out the procedure, institutionalized, standardized management, to enable the consideration of Haid Group competitiveness to achieve industry-leading technology, improve the core competitiveness is the continuous efforts in the direction; three is to rely on reform and increasing vitality, to promote the development of the reform, through the deepening of reform, the conversion mechanism, the establishment of a new system, and further promote the diversification of equity, shares of the company an annual output of 7000000 sets of semi-steel radial tire by using technological transformation projects to actively adjust the ownership structure, through leasing, capital Kuogu, raise funds, the introduction of strategic partners to advance the project construction; four is to take the quality as the center, determined to improve the quality of. Quality is the lifeline of enterprise, quality is better, have the strength to do the brand, creating famous brand products; five is to make every attempt to go out to sea, culture, quickly led to the smooth realization of M & a project in Shandong. Hope that the large group locate in Wuliangye Group "Twelve • five" development strategy in the process of position, seize the opportunity, innovation and development, become a new growth point of Wuliangye Group, do good child development corporation, as the Wuliangye Group "Twelve • five 'billion'" goal to make new, greater contribution.

The large group chief engineer Zhang Xunmin, deputy party secretary, trade union chairman Fan Jun, Party committee member, joint-stock company production director Fan Jianqiang and company, Kailiwei technology company leadership Qing Qin, Zhang Junwei, Li B, Zhang Zhi Tang, forest, Chen Quelin, Yang Huilin, Wu wei-Ning, Luo Xuehong accompanied the inspection report and participate in will.

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