Combination of common development -- the brilliance group director Zhao Jianli Linhai large group visit

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Qiangqiang joint development

-- brilliance group director Zhao Jianli Linhai large group visit

In November 9th, brilliance group director Zhao and his entourage in Wuliangye Group Assistant General Manager, chairman, general manager of the group of the sea, accompanied by Party Secretary Yang Qi, to the large group visit.

Zhao Jian of director of a row of the large group Kailiwei technology steel production base, production base of horse semi-steel made an on-the-spot investigation, and the in-depth dialogue with the large group executive team. Yang Qi said the chairman of the board of directors of Zhao Jian a warm welcome, and introduced the development of the large group to the guests, mainly introduces the large group "Twelfth Five-Year" development planning and the recent construction condition: Kailiwei technology steel production base total planned investment of 2280000000 yuan, planning an annual output of 2100000 sets of all-steel radial tire project, now the first phase of the project has reached an annual output of 600000 sets of production scale, second sets of 800000 projects have been successfully launched, is expected to reach 1400000 sets of production capacity in 2015, the annual sales revenue will exceed 2000000000 yuan. The horse cast semi steel production base with an annual output of 7000000 sets of semi-steel radial tire, bias tire 1000000 sets of commercial production, the current annual production capacity of 7000000 sets of high performance, low rolling resistance, semi - steel radial tire project has been officially launched, currently being ordered to move forward. The large group has the national first-class production equipment, environmental protection facilities in the same industry leading level, to achieve a "zero emissions, zero pollution". Companies adhering to the "market is the, development is the gang, innovation is the soul" business philosophy, depending on the quality of life, attaches great importance to scientific research and development and employee skills training, with a high level of scientific research team and skilled workers, the product of domestic supporting, the replacement market is growing rapidly, the export market to enhance the development of faster, encouraging prospects.

Brilliance group director Zhao Jian to be in the best of spirits to visit the site of production, from time to time in the production line stopped to watch, and asked in detail about the production process and product R & D. Zhao Jian director said: see the sea a large group of advanced equipment, clean production line and staff highly dedicated working state, he was deeply moved. Brilliance group and the large group has a broad space for cooperation, establish effective cooperation platform, the two companies have more exchanges, communication, to discuss cooperation, strengthen strategic cooperation, in a strong alliance formed in automobile manufacturing industry, and seek common development.

The deputy general manager, group general manager Yu Kailiwei technology platform, sea and deputy general manager of group to the East Spring, chief engineer Zhang Xunmin, shares of the company marketing director Guo Jianyong, Kailiwei technology chief engineer Yang Huilin, production director Wu Weining, director of marketing Xiao Xing accompanied the visit.

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