The 2015 AGM of Shareholders Is Hosted in The Stock Company

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The 2015 annual general meeting of Sichuan Tyre & Rubber CO., Ltd was held in the third assembly room on October 21, 2016. The meeting was hosted by the chairman Mr. Xiang Chundong and attended by 39 stockholders, representatives, authorized agents and delegates altogether. The notifying procedure was went through in the process of meeting, which conformed with the relevant regulation of Company Law and The Articles of Association.

The meeting voted the 2015 Annual Work Report of Board of Directors, the Work Report of Board of Supervisors, the Annual Financial Work Report, the Distribution Plan of Annual Profits, the Plan of Adjusting Board of Directors, the Plan of Adjusting Board of Supervisors and the Resolution of General Shareholders Meeting through serious deliberation of all the participants. The new board of directors is made up of 5 directors, including Xiang Chundong, Li Zhenyan, Zhang Junwei, Guo Jianyong and Wu Guizhong. And the new board of supervisors consists of Fan Jianqiang, Yang Yan and Li Bai. The new elected boards will expire until the end of the 7th session boards of directors and supervisors.

The meeting charted a new course for the 2016 development objectives and direction. The national economy is confronted with continuous downturn, and the whole situation will even be harder. Export and consumption have a weak role of driving the national economy. With due regard to the economic situation, the upstream and downstream industries of rubber are relatively sluggish of overall performance, and the tire industry faces multiple challenges. In order to break the dilemma, our company should be around the theme that centers on quality making brand, all staff enhancing security, innovation adding benefits and reform promoting development. Three instructions were made at the meeting. First, we must grasp the vital links and spare no effort to maintain the steady growth of sales target. Second, we should grasp the key points and strive to promote the core competitiveness. Third, we have to firmly improve the quality of our products to consolidate the foundation. The whole staff participate to realize the sales revenue in 2016 rising to 1.8 billion yuan and net profit to 33 million yuan. And the workers income increases by 5% to 8%.

A broad consensus over the prospect has been reached at the meeting. We should always keep clear, and realize fully the vocation and responsibility; form a clear understanding of the complex environment; foresee the companys troubles and challenges in the road of sustainable development. To ensure higher economic benefits and maintain internal stability, the company should continually strengthen management and improve economic operation quality. We should work together to turn pressure into motivation and challenge into opportunity, and step up to create a new prospect.

After the 2015 general meeting of shareholders was successfully held, Fan Jianqiang was voted to be the new chairman of the board of supervisors at the third session of the seventh supervisory board.       

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