Close Cooperation Mutual Benefit And Win-win FAW Hongta Co., Ltd. Investigation Documentary

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Chen Hao, Executive Vice President of FAW Hongta Co., Ltd., Zhang Wanbing, General Manager Assistant, Xu Xingzhao, Minister of Purchasing Department, Liao Keming, Minister of New Product Development Department, and Du Qiaobao, Minister of Technology Department, went to Haida Group to conduct on-the-spot investigations and discuss cooperation matters at 3 pm on June 12. Xiang Chundong, Party Secretary and Chairman of Haida Group, Zhang Zhitang, Deputy Chief Engineer, and Peng Gangbing, Deputy General Manager of Sales Department, accompanied the whole process.

During the visit to the production site, the accompanying personnel explained the characteristics of the tire production line of Haida Group one by one, introduced the manufacturing process and cost performance of all-steel and semi-steel tires, and focused on the characteristics and advantages of mainstream tires required by FAW Hongta, so that the customers could better understand the process of tire production and the performance of Haida products.

At the forum, Chairman Xiang Chundong introduced the development history in the past 50 years, company operation, sales network and company management of Haida Group in detail. He pointed out that Haida Group and FAW Hongta Co., Ltd. had more than ten years cooperation, and hoped that the two sides would further expand cooperation space, strengthen communication and exchanges, establish a stable strategic partnership, mutual benefit and common development. Executive Vice President Chen Hao also said that the inspection was to strengthen the cooperation between the two sides, and the supporting parts were tilted to the three provinces in the southwest. "I hope that Haida Group will give strong support in the future," he said. General Manager Zhang Wanbing, Product Development Department Minister Liao Keming, Purchasing Minister Xu Xingzhao, and Technology Department Minister Du Qiaobao also said that they would communicate more closely with Haida Group in the future, give priority to the use of Haida Group products, especially the FAW Hongta's transformation products transiting to the Haida Group's all-steel products, and deepen the cooperation between the two parties. It is hoped that under good cooperation, the two sides will jointly achieve new goals and mutual benefit.

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