Strategic Cooperation Create Brilliance Together

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            Strategic Cooperation  Create Brilliance Together

Sun Zhentian, Nanjun Automobile Group Co., Ltd., Chairman of Sichuan Hyundai Motor Co., Ltd., Zhou Jing, General Manager of Nanjun Automobile Group Co., Ltd., Cai Fangxue, Deputy General Manager (in charge of procurement and production), Ding Jikang (In charge of technology) and Li Yuanhong, Purchasing Minister, went to Haida Group for inspection and visit at 4 pm on June 5, 2018.

Xiang Chundong, Party Secretary and Chairman of Haida Group, Li Zhenyan,General Manager, Deputy General Manager Xiao Xing and Guo Jianyong warmly received Chairman Sun Zhentian and his delegation, and invited the guests to visit radial tire three-branch factory of the company and Kailiwei Technology production site. Chairman Sun gave a detailed understanding of the production site and process of Haida Group, and praised the company's advanced equipment, neat production site, and strict process control. "The changes of Haida Group today Can be expressed by leaping development," said Chairman Sun in retrospect.

In the exchange, General Manager Li zhenyan gave a detailed introduction about the operation and development plan of Haida Group. Chairman Sun Zhentian also introduced the production and operation of Nanjun Group and Sichuan Hyundai in detail, and explained the development plan of Nanjun Group. In the friendly negotiation, the two sides reached an important consensus that Nanjun Group and Haida Group should establish a good strategic partnership and create brilliant future.

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