Haida Group conducting market research work - Record of the exhibition in Cologne, Germany, 2018

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Haida Group conducting market research work

- Record of the exhibition in Cologne, Germany, 2018

In accordance with the file requirements of the company's party committee "Implementation plan for the 'big study, big discussion, big research' activities" (Haida Committee [2018] No. 29), Haida Group's Market Capability Improvement Team carefully deployed and planned the market conditions, and carried out targeted market research.

From May 27 to June 4, 2018, the party secretary and chairman of Haida Group led the sales staff of semi-steel export department and the technical staff of semi-steel technology department to participate in the tire exhibition held in Cologne, Germany, and conducted a targeted market research. The exhibition is the first international tire exhibition in Cologne after the cancellation of the two-year Essen exhibition in Germany.

The exhibition attracted the world's leading brand-name tire companies such as Michelin, Goodyear, Continental, Pirelli, Bridgestone, and many well-known Chinese and foreign tire manufacturers and trading companies. China's Zhongce, Sailun, Triangle, Fengyuan, Huasheng, Jianda, Linglong and other well-known factories and trading companies had participated. At the exhibition site, Haida Group's personalized decoration design, special promotion of products and the sincere enthusiasm of the exhibitors had been favored by many customers. Haida Group's marketing team had received customers from more than 10 countries including the UK, Poland, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Belarus, Pakistan, Italy, Spain, Israel, Canada, etc. These customers are powerful tire sales companies, and they all have very clear goals. The exhibition mainly radiated from the EU and neighboring countries such as Poland, Ukraine and Estonia. The specifications of customer consultation were mainly between 13 and 20 inches. Individual British customers were involved in 22-inch and some 24-inch sizes. In addition, four season tires and studded MT tires had a certain market space.

During the exhibition, the marketing team of Haida had conducted statistical analysis, tracked the collected information in time, divided specifically and implemented. At present, the effect of professional exhibitions had gradually emerged, and intentional orders had gradually been confirmed and achieved breakthrough results.

With an area of 370,000 square kilometers and a population of 83 million, Germany is a strong leading promoter of the EU integration. Cologne is also a major industrial town in Germany. It is the fourth largest city in Germany after Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. It is also a world famous exhibition city. This exhibition, more specifically, is an overseas market research, which has established a broader market position for the export market of Haida Group, expanded the development space of the European market, and provided strong support for improving the quality of product sales decisions.

We believe that with the strong support of the party and government leaders of Haida Group, the market capability improvement team will take the "three big" activities as an opportunity to present the "Hai Da" brand to the whole world through solid market research and customer development, to make it to be a well-known tire brand at home and abroad, and to lay a solid foundation for the company's healthy and rapid development.

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