2018 Sichuan Enterprises Top 100 Conference "Sichuan Top 100" Released

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2018 Sichuan Enterprises Top 100 Conference

"Sichuan Top 100" Released

In November 2018, the Sichuan Top 100 Conference was held in Chengdu. The Haida Group ranked 70th among the top 100 Sichuan enterprises in 2018 and the 36th among the top 100 manufacturing companies.

It is reported that in 2018, compared with the top 100 Sichuan enterprises in 2017, the overall size of enterprises has increased, accounting for 45.89% of the province's GDP. In 2018, Sichuan Top 100 enterprises entered the threshold of 1.927 billion yuan, an increase from the previous year. The total annual operating income of 100 enterprises was 1,696.86 billion yuan, and the net profit was 48.706 billion yuan. Judging from the ownership structure of the top 100 enterprises, there are 57 state-owned enterprises and 43 other ownership enterprises. The main indicators of state-owned enterprises in terms of number of enterprises, revenue, and number of employees still dominate. Other ownership enterprises still have significant light assets feature. The overall proportion of indicators has been greatly improved compared to last year, playing an increasingly important role in the national economy. In terms of geographical distribution, the number of 63 finalists in Chengdu ranked first in each city and state, and continued to lead.

In 2018, it is nearing completion. All the lines of Haida Group should aim at the target, and work hard to make full use of the three driving forces of "sales, technology and cost" to fill the shortcomings of development and focus on the four centers of "improving sales capacity, improving product quality, improving safety management level, and improving delivery capacity", we will comprehensively improve the quality of operations, successfully complete the 2018 target tasks, carefully plan production and operation in 2019, and carry forward the "Top 100 Spirits". We will create a model of the industry and write a grand chapter of Haida in the journey of strengthening enterprise and revitalizing Sichuan province.




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