Thousands of Boutiques Gather Together HAIDA Tires Bloom Brilliantly

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                                           Thousands of Boutiques Gather Together  HAIDA Tires Bloom Brilliantly
                                                                                             ——The Record of Autumn Canton Fair in 2019
From October 15th to 19th, 2019, the 126th China·Guangzhou Commodity Exchange Expo (referred to as: Canton Fair) was grandly opened at the Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. As the backbone of high-end national brands, Sichuan Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd. had participated in the Canton Fair for 12 consecutive years. The company's 36 square meters blue and white design of the off-the-shelf hardcover booth had a unique shape, simple atmosphere, and distinct levels. The rich product line was novel and eye-catching, and complements the booth. Such high-quality Chinese manufacturing had made international and domestic exhibitors amazed and stopped.
The Canton Fair is the most comprehensive international trade event in China with the longest history, the highest level, the largest scale, the most complete variety of products, the largest number of buyers, and is known as the "China's first exhibition." After 62 years of development, the scale of the exhibition has reached 1.185 million square meters, with nearly 25,000 exhibitors from home and abroad, and about 200,000 overseas buyers from more than 210 countries and regions. It is a high-quality platform for Chinese companies to explore the international market. It is a barometer and a weather vane for China's foreign trade.
The exhibition was led by Li Zhenyan, the general manager of Haida Group, and the main brands included HAIDA, TIANFU and mileking brand semi-steel new products series (studded winter tires 677, winter LT tires 627, high-performance semi-steel 937, commercial tires 737, bias tires LTT301, and semi-steel MT series 868, RT series 878, HT series 837, AT series 828 white, UHP series 927 and run-flat tires 921, economic passenger car tires 667, etc.) with high quality, beautiful appearance , and differentiated categories, successfully demonstrated the strong technical strength and innovative design concept of the national brand, which was favored by professional customers from all over the world. In this exhibition, our company collected more than 150 business cards and confirmed 8 new cooperative customers on the spot. There were more than 20 intent customers from Canada, Pakistan, Libya, Georgia, Sri Lanka and Turkmenistan. 
During the five-day Canton Fair feast, Sichuan Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd. accurately demonstrated the charm of China's high-end manufacturing, further enhanced the brand's influence, competitiveness and recognition, and once again conquered customers visiting the exhibition at home and abroad. In the face of the slowdown in global economic growth, the increasingly complex world trade environment, and the increasing number of uncertainties in trade restrictions, our company maintains a good momentum of development and will continue to intensively focus on exploring the international market, focusing on product technology research and development, create a new competitive advantage, continue to strengthen the international layout, improve product quality, develop core technologies and explore emerging markets, and take measures to continuously develop more high-quality tires with international advanced level, to meet the needs of global customers, expand the international market, and provide strong protection for the development of enterprises.

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