Experimental testing center successfully passed the CNAS quality management system certification supervision and review

From June 15 to 16, 2013, the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) sent a review team composed of three experts headed by Shi Ling to visit Haigu Group to conduct a two-day laboratory accreditation of the experimental testing center. Regular and irregular supervision and review.

According to the CNAS-CL01:2006 the relevant accreditation rules and documents such as the "Accreditation Guidelines for Testing and Calibration Laboratories", the evaluation team will visit the laboratory, conduct on-site tests, consult materials, examine and ask questions to relevant personnel, etc, the operation of the management system of the test and testing center, the professional quality of personnel, the configuration and traceability of instruments and equipment, the environmental conditions of the test and testing quality control, ability verification, records, certificate reports, etc. were supervised, reviewed and evaluated. A total of 20 projects of rubber raw materials, 7 projects of finished tire products of joint-stock company and 6 projects of finished tire products of Kaili Wei Technology were tested on the site of this review (some of which also carried out sample retesting and personnel comparison). The tests basically covered CNAS certification projects.

Through the on-site review, the review team agreed that the experimental testing center has reasonable organization, clear mutual relationship, clear responsibilities, effective operation of the management system, and attaches great importance to the construction and operation of the quality management system. From the initial review in February 2009 to the renewal review in February 2012, it has been able to continuously improve and improve. All tasks are under effective control, and the personnel quality and environmental conditions are good, the testing and calibration methods adopted are reasonable and correct, the technical capability is continuously maintained and improved, and the regulations on CNAS accreditation are complied with, and the supervision and review are successfully passed.

The successful passage of the CNAS supervision and review will further expand and improve the testing level of the experimental testing center, and mark the construction of the experimental software and hardware facilities of Haida Group, and the experimental testing methods have reached the internationally recognized level. Have the ability and qualifications to carry out relevant testing services according to relevant standards.