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Panda RD-121



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The continuous pattern blocks composed of streamlined wide blocks strengthen its rigidity, minimize the slip of the blocks, and ensure the wear performance of the tire


Product Details

1. The continuous pattern block composed of streamlined wide blocks strengthens its rigidity, can reduce the slip of the blocks, and ensure the wear performance of the tire.
2. The high modulus shrinkage-resistant polyester carcass ensures the uniformity of the tire and ensures the comfort and safety performance on various roads.
3. Three spacious main drains with streamlined side drains have the most effective drainage, ensuring better wet driving force and braking force, and ensuring tire handling stability.


load index/Level

Speed Level

Standard rim

Inflatable section width(mm)

Inflatable outer diameter(mm)

Load capacity(Single/Double)(kg)

Inflation pressureForce(SMA)

155/65R13 73 T 4.50B 157 532 365 270
165/65R13 77 T 5.00B 170 544 412 270
165/70R13 83/XL T 5.00B 170 562 487 300
175/70R13 82 T 5.00B 177 576 475 270
185/70R13 86 T 5.50B 189 590 530 270


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