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Panda RD-228



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Cutting resistance


The longitudinal straight main groove and the main pattern design of the central tread block make the tire have extraordinary anti-skid performance and wet grip.


Product Details

1. The longitudinal straight main groove is designed with the main pattern of the central tread block, so that the tire has good anti-skid performance and wet grip.
2, the use of high-strength carcass ply, improve the resistance to puncture in a variety of road performance.
3. The sturdy block pattern is more resistant to puncture and cutting, provides high-strength traction, makes it have good grounding and excellent grip, and the high-speed steering is more stable, so that the tire can take into account the characteristics of passenger and load.


load index/Level

Speed Level

Standard rim

Inflatable section width(mm)

Inflatable outer diameter(mm)

Load capacity(Single/Double)(kg)

Inflation pressureForce(SMA)

185R14C 8PR S 5 1/2JJ 188 652 840/800 450
155R12LT 8PR S 4.50B 157 553 560/530 450


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