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All steel series HD588



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Product features:

1, suitable for good pavement, all-wheel tires, suitable for medium speed, medium and long-distance vehicles.

2. The unique high wear-resistant formula system has excellent super wear resistance, durability and low heat generation.


3. Good bearing capacity, super durable bead structure, excellent high-speed durability, unique shoulder design and good heat dissipation.

4, five line pattern design, high speed exercise stability, with super wear resistance, is eccentric wear performance.

5. Suitable for guide wheels, driving wheels, trailer wheels

Specifications Level load index Speed Level Standard rim Section width outer diameter
385/65R22.5 18 158 K 11.75 389 1072
385/65R22.5 20 160 K 11.75 389 1072
425/65R22.5 18 162 K 12.25 422 1124
425/65R22.5 20 164 K 12.25 422 1124

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